-Minimal abstract art in calming tones

-China ink, natural pigments, origami paper on watercolour paper
- Deckled edges
-22" width by 30" height
- Free Shipping to Canada and the US 


This piece is one of two in a diptych called "Stream". I was inspired by water and rivers and the idea that water is constantly moving like a stream, representative of the impermanence of our world. This piece is a subtle nod to my Chinese heritage.  The influence of Chinese ink wash painting is apparent in this diptych.

As this is meant to be a diptych with Stream 2, please contact me should you wish to purchase both.  A coupon code will be given to you to save  on the shipping for both pieces at checkout.


Please contact me if you are on the island of Montreal or nearby, a coupon code will be given to you for local delivery or studio pick-up

Original painting on paper, 16" w x 20 h", "Stream 1"